Instructions to Contributors

The HINDCO RESEARCH JOURNAL, a Bi annual Multidisciplinaryjournal, publishes original research papers, reviews, digests, news-scan, view point etc.

HINDGO RESEARCH JOURNAL invites original research and review manuscripts not submitted for publication elsewhere. The review article will only be entertained if author (s) has included his own research work in it or has been an authority in that field. It is mandatory on the part of the corresponding author to furnish the following certificate at the time of submission of the manuscripts:

This is to certify that the reported work in the paper entitled”________________ “submitted for publication is an original one and has not been submitted for publication elsewhere. I/we further certify that proper citations to the previously reported work have been given and no data/tables/figures have been quoted verbatim from other publications without giving due acknowledgement and without the permission of the author(s). The consent of all the authors of this paper has been obtained for submitting the paper to the “HINDCO Journal”

Signature and names of all authors

The Institute assumes no responsibility for the statements and opinions advanced by contributors. The editorial board staff in the work of examining papers received for publication is assisted, in an honorary capacity, by a large number of distinguished scientists.

Communication regarding contributions for publication in the journal should be addressed to the Editor. Correspondence regarding subscriptions and advertisement should be forwarded to
The Principal,
The M.D.T.Hindu College,