Thiru.S.Meenakshi Sundaram, B.Sc, B.L is an eminent and reputed advocate in Madurai High Court. He was graduated in science in St.Xavier’s College and underwent the Law Studies in Madras Law College, Chennai. Apart from being a lawyer by profession, he is a man of vision and a philanthropist too. His knowledge over the college administration enabled him to be the Vice President of St.Xavier’s Alumni Association of St.Xavier’s College, Palayamkottai. His matchless concern over the society has blossomed into his tireless service to the society. As the President of the College Managing Committee he always seeks for innovation which ultimately aims at a relentless educational service to the most marginalised sectors of the rural folk.

It is one of his special characteristics that no one can find him on the ivory tower even in any sort of tough situations. Being a strict disciplinarian he secured a glorious rank in the NCC District Senior Under Officer Examination even during his college days. Because of his multi-focused foresight, fund of knowledge and critical acumen he decorated the chair of the President of Tirunelveli Bar Association. Also his thirst for sharing knowledge in a positive way has made him to be the Resource Person in State Judicial Academy. As he always fights for social justice he has been offered the position of Vice President in National Consumer Forum. It is quite remarkable event in his social welfare activities that he was the first one to file a writ against the illegal sand mining in Thamirabarani River in 2006. The college witness a highly progressive change under his Presidentship.

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