Mr. M.CHELLIAH, Secretary of The M.D.T Hindu College is one of the reputed entrepreneurs in Tirunelveli city. His multidimensional personality is a rare mixture of academic, religious, industrial and social conscious one.

His fondness in educational service to the most marginalized sectors of the society initiated him to be the member of the governing committee of this college which is serving the student community only from such sectors in the year 1996.

His keen interest in the upliftment of the rural students and in the rapid development of the college easily paved a way to be the Secretary of the college in the year 2012. His continuous and tireless involvement in the improvement of the college made him the fittest one to the position.

Apart from the educational service he has decorated many other social positions such as the Secretary of Tirunelveli District Bus Owners Association. His religious fervor brought him the position of the Trustee of Sri Nellaiappar Swamy and Gandhimathi Ambal Temple Tirunelveli (2007-2011) in which he has brought out so many fruitful reforms in the temple administration for the welfare of the devotees.

His initiation in bringing out a Thanga Ther (Golden Chariot) is still remembered by the city public. His social consciousness persuaded him to serve the society through various charitable trusts and social associations such as Lions Club and Rotary Club. Also he has just extended his affection and gratitude to the Alma mater by being the Secretary of the Alumni Association of The M.D.T Hindu College Higher Secondary School, Tirunelveli. He continues his service to society in all walks of his life.

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