Extension Activities


Earth is the only planet credited with life in the solar system. It has a very long history. The earth has become sick and urgently needs a cure. Its our earnest duty to handover this earth safely to our future generation. The Eco club joins with each other to face and remove the threats and to find ways to halt the march to protect future mankind. The Eco club of the college functions with the motto of "Green Campus", through activities like campus cleaning, plantations and growing of saplings and creating rainwater harvesting awareness and application of Bio fertilizers.

The Eco club works towards planting and growing 100 saplings every academic year and maintaining diversified flora in the college premises.The club is successful in achieving its goal in establishing a green campus in the college.


The volunteers of Self-Financed programmes are cultivating spinaches and vegetable plants near their buildings. Different area of space was allotted to each department. Enthusiastically the volunteers are maintaining them.


Narayan Malhar Joshi, a leading member of the Servants of India Society, founded the SSL in 1911. The objective of the movement was “to collect and study social facts and to discuss social problems with a view to forming public opinion on questions of social service” and to secure for the masses a better quality of life and work. The league had conducted training programmes and awareness programmes for volunteers, whose services were later utilized for relief work among people suffering from famines, epidemics, floods and other disasters. It also organized welfare programmes among the poor and the destitute. In our college, volunteers are included every year and trained by giving them Awareness and Hands on training programmes which would impart useful knowledge and contribute a more enlightened student community.


India is a nation of diversities. The people who inhabit this nation belong to different races, communities and castes. They reside in different geographical regions and speak different languages. They practice different religions and have varied cultures. But with all these diversities, they all are Indians and emotional harmony. They may have many religious identities such as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains or Zoroastrians. They may also be identified as Punjabis, Tamils, Malayalis, Bengalis, Manipuri or South or North or North-East Indians but with supreme national identity. At the same time while mentioning various regions, mountains and rivers, we respectfully acknowledged the unity of our country in its diversity. Our NIS programmes mainly focus on the need to maintain the unity and integrity of our nation. In fact, national integration has been one of the most important priorities of our country. In the course of analyzing the issues related to unity and integrity of the country, Secularism is mentioned as the fundamental characteristic of our nation. It is said that secularism is one of the most essential conditions of national integration.

Our objectives are to:

Understand the meaning and the importance of national integration.

Appreciate how national movement against British Rule helped in national integration.

Analyse how the provisions in the Indian Constitution promote national integration.

Identify the challenges to national integration in our country.

Understand the implications of secularism and appreciate the role of a learner as a citizen of India and an agent of change in promoting national integration and secularism.


The structure of women's grievance cell is functions with a coordinator with one representative from each department

In view of the increasing number of girl students in the campus, Women Grievance Redressal Cell makes every effort to ensure that the girls feel at home. The cell resolves common problems of girl students and women employees. This cell also takes up individual cases of sexual harassment, if any. The cell has been formed in accordance with the University Grants Commission (Grievance Redressal) Regulations.

Women cell organized health awareness programmes like Mega skin camp, Importance of yoga, Cleanliness and health information, Anti leprosy programme


To create a congenial working environment which is free of sexual harassment or gender based discrimination for all women employees and students.

To heighten awareness and sensitivity to this important issue amongst all concerned

Encouraging the Students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.

Upholding the dignity of the College by ensuring strife free atmosphere in the College through promoting cordial Student-Student relationship and Student-teacher relationship etc.

To motivate the Students to attend seminars on women empowerment to various colleges.